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Our supportive and all inclusive counselling services for individuals, couples, adolescents, children and families counselling is conducted face-to-face Australia-wide via the Zoom online meeting platform, or at our location in Traralgon Victoria.

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General Counselling

General Counselling

Maintaining holistic wellbeing is an essential part of leading a healthy and fulfilling life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, are having difficulty managing moods, or don’t have trusted friends or family to confide in, Mercy Counselling can provide the help you need.

As a trained listener, I offer services and therapeutic tools to individuals, families, children and young adults, with the goal of better managing mental health, personal relationships and a range of social problems.

The service is conducted in a supportive and confidential atmosphere to explore more effective ways to cope with life’s challenges. 

Counselling for family therapy and youth

Family Therapy and Youth

Access professional support for families and teens with counselling services aimed at strengthening connections and increasing parenting confidence in a safe and controlled environment.  

See Mercy Counselling to work through your problems confidently and to equip yourselves with essential skills for the functioning of a healthy family.

Get help for things like:
  • communcation breakdowns
  • conflict resolution
  • problem solving
  • recognise triggers and avoid them, conversation skills
  • how to express empathy and listen attentively
  • define roles and personal identity within the family unit
  • respect boundaries
  • think before reacting
  • manage anger
  • learn about anger not being hatred
  • how to use ‘I’ statements verses ‘you’ statements
  • parents can learn to respect children’s privacy and individuality
  • body language
  • asking for help and receiving help
  • and more!

Counselling for couples and relationships
Couple's Therapy and Relationships

For couples and those in relationships who need to become unstuck by gaining insight and perspective, with a focus on resolving their conflicts and creating a positive and lasting change. Learn to minimise blaming behaviours. Identify and nurture strengths in your relationship.

Common Relationship Problems
  • pre-marriage and commitment issues
  • financial issues
  • communication problems
  • lack of honesty
  • controlling or abusive behaviour
  • loss of intimacy
  • infidelity
  • loss of trust & Insecurity within the relationship
  • sexual difficulties
  • conflicting parenting styles
Counselling for stress, anxiety and depression

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Most patients who suffer from stress, anxiety or depression can improve their quality of life by learning to reduce or their symptoms, or by eliminating them for good.

Counselling for stress, anxiety and depression has helped others gain a heighten sense of self-awareness, build up their confidence and resilience for diminishing social awkwardness, allowed them to return to their usual happy self, or they experience increased contentment with a positive impact on work engagement and productivity.

Life Transitions
Life Transitions

Adjusting to change can become quite difficult to cope with, particuarly with sudden, unexpected change. We support those experiencing sadness and stressful feelings caused by inherently upsetting and uncomfortable life events.

Examples Of Life Events
  • divorce
  • new management at work
  • death of a spouse, family member or close friend
  • personal injury or illness
  • marriage
  • loss of a job
  • marital reconciliation
  • retirement
  • son or daughter leaving home
  • financial burdens
  • in-law trouble
  • moving into a new neighbourhood
  • trouble with the boss at work

Counselling for trauma


Access quality counselling services for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or (PTSD). Learn to process and resolve trauma. Increase your chances of becoming more resilient instead of feeling stunted by trauma.

Counselling for grief and loss

Grief and Loss

Support for the most difficult time of your life. Mercy is a compassionate and non-judgmental listener who will walk along side you through your grief and loss journey.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Gain tools to identify and define problems, understand issues on a deeper level. Learn to solve problems and take decisive action.

Problem solving and decision making

Personal Issues and Struggles

Explore thoughts and behaviors, identify negative thinking patterns that contribute to feelings of helplessness or hopelessness, to develop a more positive outlook on life.

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