Meet Mercy Bvirakare

Mercy Bvirakare


Diploma of Counselling
Graduate Diploma of Counselling
Certificate IV in Disability
Master of Counselling

History & Background

A little about me

Mercy Bvirakare, a highly qualified professional counsellor, has two decades of experience in finance in Zimbabwe and Australia. After completing a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics (University of Zimbabwe), Master of Agribusiness (University of Melbourne) and Diploma of Lending (Finsia), she encountered a season of her adult life where she sought guidance from a counsellor on how to navigate the challenges of the season.

This experience opened her eyes to the unfamiliarity of seeking help from professional helpers when it came to personal issues, and how the counsellor’s compassionate, non-judgemental and objective approach enabled her to view her problems objectively and make well-informed decisions. Motivated by this, Mercy completed a Diploma of Counselling and embraced the counselling profession.

Mercy Counselling

Dedicated to providing the best possible services conducted in a safe and private environment.

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